We commonly provide water, stormwater, wastewater and access design for land use and
subdivision consents.

Stormwater design is very site specific and dependent upon catchment, land use and soil type. On-site soakage may be possible. Alternatively, your site may need to connect to an existing stormwater system with pipe, catch-pit or manhole design and installation.

Wastewater design in an urban area will require a connection to the public sewage system.
In an urban area, a connection to the public water system will be a requirement of the resource consent.

We can provide the supervision of tradespeople and certificates required by Council to ensure a development is completed in a timely manner according to Council specifications.

Some modern subdivisions will not provide vehicular access or car parking onsite. However, if vehicular access is provided, safe movement of vehicles is an essential part of the subdivision. We design for safe vehicular movement and turning.


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