Here at McInnes Read and Lucas, our team can help in any subdivision and land development. Whether it is a small, large, or medium development we can help. We are transparent and if you don’t quite understand the meaning of something, our staff are happy to explain and clarify so you can rest assured you are getting exactly want.

Our process with land development can include:

  • Listening and understanding exactly what you want!
  • Feasibility and budgeting costs.
  • Topographical survey and Scheme Plan preparation.
  • Prepare and lodge the Resource Consent application and Assessment of Environmental Effects with Council.
  • Further information or s92 requests, if any.
  • Negotiate resource consent conditions that a client or we consider unreasonable.
  • The work required by the resource consent is then completed.
  • Preparation of s223 and 224c title plans for council sign-off.
  • Lodge Land Transfer Survey for approval with Land Information NZ.
  • New Titles acquired – Work done and stress minimised.

Do give us a call, if you don’t know the development potential of your property. We will work with you through the development options and identify any potential issues.


Surveying. Engineering. Planning. We’re large enough to offer a complete solution, yet small enough to ensure you receive personal service at every stage of your project.